WoW Cataclysm Archaeology Guide

This Archaeology Guide will tell you everything you need to know about leveling up your Archaeology. Archaeology is the newest WoW secondary profession to be added to the game. While this guide will tell you what you need to know about leveling up your Archaeology skill, be assured that it is really easy to do.

Leveling Archaeology

There are only two basic routes that I suggest you take when leveling your Archaeology. The first is to Survey for levels 1-75 and the second is to Survey from 1-100.

1-75: Survey

Review of Hayden Hawke's Leveling Secrets

Recently I've had the chance to review Hayden Hawke's Leveling Secrets. This is a brand new leveling guide with a fresh twist from the typical questing guides out there today.

Here are some of the features of the guide:

  • 1-80 AoE Section
  • 1-80 Questing Section
  • 1-80 Solo Section
  • 1-80 Run Throughs Section
  • Preparation Information for Leveling

Review of WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course

Recently I had the great opportunity to review the WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course. This is a seven part course designed to help you reach gold cap.

There are some aspects of this course that are really great and that I would like to share with you:

  • You only need to be level one to use this course
  • It teaches you how to go all the way from having zero gold to gold cap
  • The course doesn't teach you how to do stuff you already know like farming for gold

Hunter Leveling Build

I'm leveling my hunter, she's 61 right now, and I've heard a lot about how easy and fast Hunters are to level. What's the best level 60-70 leveling build for my hunter, what pets should I have?

View answer to: Hunter Leveling Build

What are daily quests?

My friends keep saying they are 'doing dailys' I just hit 70 and I'm not sure if I should be 'doing dailys' and if I should be, which ones should I be doing :(

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What is an addon and how do I install an addon?

People in my guild keep talking about addons that monitor your threat levels or help with the auction house? I'm new to World of Warcraft and was wondering if you can tell me what is an addon, where can I get an addon, and how do I install an addon?

Should I use Daggers or Swords/Maces in Patch 2.4?

I have been saving up honor for a few days now, and I was hoping to buy a Gladiator's Pummeler in a few more days. Considering the upcoming changes in patch 2.4, sould I change to daggers?

How do I get a Netherdrake flying mount?

I reached level 70 a week ago and was wondering how I get one of those giant dragon/netherdrake flying mounts.

Where do I buy my flying mount?

I'm about to reach level 70 and I'm really excited to get my first flying mount. However, I haven't seen any NPCs talk about flying mounts or how to get one. Where do I go and what should I bring to get my flying mount?

PvE Warrior - Aldor or Scryer

I am a protection specced warrior who wants to tank Karazan and Heroics, should I select Aldor, Scryer or save myself the time and effort and skip them both?

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