Review of WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course

Recently I had the great opportunity to review the WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course. This is a seven part course designed to help you reach gold cap.

There are some aspects of this course that are really great and that I would like to share with you:

  • You only need to be level one to use this course
  • It teaches you how to go all the way from having zero gold to gold cap
  • The course doesn't teach you how to do stuff you already know like farming for gold
  • It comes with 6 free bonus guides
  • It give you step by step instructions so you know what to do next

Access to the guide is provided over the Internet. You will get your login information sent to your email once you buy the course and you can login right away. I like the fact that access is given over the Internet, instead of in PDF format, because this way you can be sure you always have access to the most recently updated version of the course.

I was quite impressed with how well organized and setup the course was, it was nice to look at and I wasn't confused as to where to go or what to do next.

Now, the actually strategies presented in the course are very useful to regular players and are not very time consuming to actually do.

If you get this course and actually follow it (you can't expect to make a lot of gold by doing nothing) I have no doubt that you will increase the amount of gold you have by a ton. Take a look at the site and check it out if you have a chance: WoW Schools Reaching Gold Cap Course.