WoW Cataclysm Archaeology Guide

This Archaeology Guide will tell you everything you need to know about leveling up your Archaeology. Archaeology is the newest WoW secondary profession to be added to the game. While this guide will tell you what you need to know about leveling up your Archaeology skill, be assured that it is really easy to do.

Leveling Archaeology

There are only two basic routes that I suggest you take when leveling your Archaeology. The first is to Survey for levels 1-75 and the second is to Survey from 1-100.

1-75: Survey
75-525: Begin to Solve Artifacts and Survey more and so on


1-100: Survey
100-525: Begin to Solve Artifacts and Survey more and so on

Ok, so you can either Survey (and only Survey) until either 75 or 100. Your skill ups from Surveying will slow down a lot at 75 and if you are impatient to start solving Artifacts you can begin solving as early as 75. Or, you can wait until you hit level 100 (at which point you'll no longer gain skill ups from Surveying) and solved them then. Keep in mind that you can always Survey and Solve Artifacts before then but for maximum time efficiency you should wait until you can't Survey for skill points anymore before you being solving.

How to Survey

Once you train up your skill all you need to do is go to a dig site (they appear on your main large map) and click your Survey skill. A survey tool will show up on your screen and point you to the way to the Fragment (these are what you combine to make an Artifact). The tool will also be either red, yellow, or green which indicates how close you are to the Fragment. Red means far away, yellow means closer, and green means close.

How to Solve

Keep collecting Fragments and repeating the surveying from dig site to dig site and once you have all the required Fragments to Solve an Artifact simply click Solve.

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