Hunter Leveling Build

I'm leveling my hunter, she's 61 right now, and I've heard a lot about how easy and fast Hunters are to level. What's the best level 60-70 leveling build for my hunter, what pets should I have?

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Hunter Leveling


Hunter Leveling Tips

Hunter's are without a doubt one of the top 2 classes as far as speed goes in leveling. Speccing correctly to make this true can be confusing.

First and foremost, Beast Mastery is the 100% best spec for PvE DPS at this point in WoW. (2.3/4) This spec will provide the most DPS due to the Serpent's Swiftness talent, and the increased pet DPS.

So, without further ado, a hunter leveling spec:
Level 14 Increased health is important for grinding.
Level 19 Our pet needs to be able to take a beating, and be revived quick if it dies.
Level 24 We take Pathfinding because in the early levels, in fact up until Outlands, you are running around A LOT. This will help increase your travel speed, increasing leveling speed.
Level 29 Pretty self explanatory, pet crit = more pet threat.
Level 34 Spirit Bond minimizes down time, and Bestial Discipline helps your pet with making more threat.
Level 39 Note that 4 Pts in Frenzy is "enough" to keep the buff up at all times.
Level 44 We skip catlike reflexes because the returns it yields are not worth 3 talent points.
Level 49 Serpent's Swiftness is the reason Beast Mastery is the best PvE spec.
Level 64 Not much to say about this, pretty apparant as to why these talent's are selected.
Level 69 Aimed Shot is over rated. It is taken as only a "filler" for Mortal Shots.
Finally, at level 70 there are many viable specs. My personal favorite is: Optimum DPS

Remember, the goal of this spec is optimum efficiency and speed. More hps, regen, and armor will provide a bigger assistance while leveling than their DPS counterparts.

As for pets, there is a few options. Most people recomend boars due to the high initial aggro the charge ability offers. On the downside, charge is a long cool down, and boars are low DPS. A high DPS pet will hold aggro well, and has enough HPS/Armor with the BM spec to be viable for grinding. Ravager's are popular in the 60s, and are the 2nd highest DPS pet in the game. My personal recomendation however is to get an Owl. Owl's have the best aggro producing ability next to growl, Screech. They have decent hps and armor, and provide excellent DPS. WoW Hunter Pets has all of the information you need on were to grab these pets, and where to obtain the skills to make them great.

Good luck, and happy leveling.

If you want a fast and easy

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