What are daily quests?

My friends keep saying they are 'doing dailys' I just hit 70 and I'm not sure if I should be 'doing dailys' and if I should be, which ones should I be doing :(

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Daily Quests Daily quests

Daily Quests

Daily quests are quests that are repeatable once per day. Right now, you are limited to doing 10 daily quests per day. In 2.4, they plan on raising this limit.

There are several daily quests availible, 4 of them starting in Shatt. The cooking daily is offered by The Rokk. There is 2 dungeon quest dailies offered by Wind Trader Zhareem (Heroic) and Nether-Stalker Mah'duun (Normal) Finally, there is the PvP daily quest that is offered right next to the battleground masters.

The first set of dailies to open is Skettis, and that is achieved by starting with this quest. This will open up the Sha'tari Skyguard reputation, which allows you to buy an epic Nether Ray mount. (Flying, must have the epic riding skill)

The next dailies begin again in Shat. Starting this quest will result in a semi-long chain that culminates in being able to perform the Ogri'La dailies in Balde's Edge Mountains.

Finally, completeing the quest chain for the Netherwing faction will open up the most profitable set of dailies, the ones for Nethwing Faction. Note, epic riding skill (300) is required to access these daily quests.

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dunno wot class, side or lvl

dunno wot class, side or lvl u r but i think you should do the quest in warsong gulch, as it is quite easy

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