Where do I buy my flying mount?

I'm about to reach level 70 and I'm really excited to get my first flying mount. However, I haven't seen any NPCs talk about flying mounts or how to get one. Where do I go and what should I bring to get my flying mount?


Buying your Flyer Step One:

Buying your Flyer

Step One: The flight master in Shattrah offers a quest for Horde and Alliance.

Step Two: This quest will send you to Illsa Busterbrew or Olrokk depending on your faction.

Step Three: Pay the riding instructor 800 gold to learn flying, or 5000 gold to learn the advanced flying. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET A DISCOUNT ON THIS. The NPC's are not on any faction that offers a discount.

Step Four: Buy your flying mount from Brunn Flamebeard or Dama Wildmane depending on your faction. The basic flying mount is 100 gold, while the epic version is 200 gold.

Note: The 800 gold riding skill allows 100 gold mounts to be flown. It is neccesary to buy the 5000 gold skill to use the epic 200 gold mounts.

Step Three: I know for a

Step Three: I know for a fact that if you are Exalted with Stormwind the advanced flying only costs 4000 gold from Illsa Busterbrew. The mounts are cheaper also. Not sure about the horde.

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